Diseñador en casa

Diseñador en Casa is a television show where a family makes their dream of renovating a space in their home come true. The program host visits the families to meet the members.

The goal is to understand their needs and the problems they face for the space to be renovated. That’s when the designer comes in, asking them to show the area.

They have to describe their needs to start developing a “Wish List.” What do they want to arrange? What do they wish they had? What do they want to change and what not? 

The designer then creates a plan and a renovation proposal which the family will have to work on with their own hands in 48 hours. In the end, the family members surprise the host and the designer by showing the latter what she conceived on paper come true.

The unveiling, as this segment is called, is an emotional closing. The before and after of what they achieved is reflected in the family’s reality. All this, after 48 hours of hard but satisfactory work.

Alibi Films has produced two seasons of this program (2020 and 2021), recorded in Mexico, the United States, and Colombia for the Discovery Home & Health and HGTV channels.